Hunter Education (狩猎学习课程)

Hunting course requirements
       Anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1973, must complete a hunter education course and show the certificate to purchase any hunting license in Wisconsin. However, if they will be hunting under the hunting mentor-ship program or they have successfully completed and have proof of completing basic training in the U.S. Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard, they do not need a hunting safety course certificate to purchase a license.
       Hunter education graduates receive a certificate that is accepted in every state, Canadian province and Mexico.
       For Wisconsin residents, a first time graduate may use the Wisconsin hunter education certificate in lieu of a small game hunting license from the date of issuance until March 31 of the following year. Those qualifying do not need to purchase a small game license; the certificate is the license for the established time period.            First time graduates are also exempt from the requirement to purchase the pheasant and state waterfowl stamps while the certificate is valid for small game hunting.
        *Note: This does not exempt a person from the requirement to purchase goose permits, a federal waterfowl stamp if age 16 and over or from becoming HIP registered.
 Course information:
           The hunter education course instills in students the knowledge and skill to be a responsible and safe hunter. The basic course consists of 10 lessons during a minimum of 10 hours. Students learn how hunting accidents are caused and how they can be prevented. Hunter responsibility and safety are stressed throughout the classes, which consist of lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, practical exercises and individual study and activity assignments. Hunter education course manual [PDF]

Length of course :
          This course varies in hours depending on the instructor but may not be longer than 19 total hours.

Class availability :
          Courses vary depending on the area of the state and time of the year. There is at least one class per county per year. Click the enroll button above to search for a recreational safety education course.

Hunter internet field day (non age specific) :
         This course is designed for the busy student or working adult that cannot fit a traditional class into their already busy schedule.
1.Students must register with a certified internet field day instructor and then complete the online training before attending the field day.
2. Online coursework with 80% passing score or higher to obtain field day voucher .
3.Wisconsin hunter education in-person internet field day requirement .
After passing the course, you will spend a day in the field reinforcing what you learned online, basic firearm safety and handling skills. You will be tested on what you have learned at the end of the field day. The field day is mandatory to earn your hunter education safety certification. Cost will vary depending on which website is used.
1 .The DNR-approved online courses are: Hunter Ed Course [exit DNR]  (not approved for the adult course)
2.Wisconsin Hunter Ed Course [exit DNR] 

An additional  DNR fee is required to obtain your certification.

NEW! Adult hunter education (18+)
Adult hunter education online course
18 years of age or older: The adult online course has the same general content as the traditional classroom course and online/field day course but requires state specific information to be covered along with a final exam in which the student must achieve a score of 80% or better to pass. This course is designed for adults that have prior hunting and/or firearms handling experience. If you do not have prior hunting or firearms handling experience it is highly recommended that you take a traditional classroom course or attend an internet field day course in order to receive one on one firearms handling training with a certified Hunter Education Instructor.
The two approved online course options for the adult hunter education online program are: Wisconsin Hunter Ed Course .